Add value to your home

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A good quality window lets in natural light, making your home brighter and more pleasant. With high efficiency windows from Commercial Windows and Doors, you can let in the light without letting out or letting in the heat or cold. Natural light makes it easier for you to see, and it can reduce the need for you to use the lights in your home therefore you can reduce your energy costs. 

Our extensive range of colour choices and a wide variety of glass configurations allow you to complement the design of your building.  With the right windows, it is possible to add significant value to your home with homebuyers now consciously seeking houses with energy and cost saving features.

As the name implies, double glazing is basically a window or door that has two panes of glass installed in its frame rather than just one. However, its energy efficiency doesn’t stem from the extra thickness, but from the gap between the panes of glass. The empty space between the panes is what provides insulation from heat and cold.

The importance of insulating glass cannot be over-estimated. According to numerous independent studies, windows are responsible for more heat loss or gain in a building than any other part of the building.

Regardless of the climate, windows and doors from CWD will create a comfortable atmosphere in your home. Problems with draught and condensation that are so common during Tasmanian winters are eliminated. More than 40% of household energy can be lost through single glazed conventional windows. The energy ratings of our windows and doors can be enhanced by varying the type and thickness of glass and sound proof windows for Tasmanian conditions also cut down on external noise nearly eight times better than traditional windows.

There are literally hundreds of types of glass and frames to choose from. Selecting the right ones is critical to improving the energy efficiency of your home. Specific products have been designed to keep heat in or out and have varying impacts on daytime lighting, noise control, maintenance and security.

With the right window features combined you can reduce noise by at least 50%. Noise can be reduced by up to 8 times compared to single glazing.

Spend less money on heating and cooling your home. Our windows can reduce energy consumption by 50-80% while you enjoy the benefits of a quite, draught fee and comfortable environment.

If you would like more information about double glazing for your home, please contact us today.